Roundhouse Centrepiece Finished

Two and a half years after the last nail was hammered into the Roundhouse's wooden floor, its centrepiece, a colourful mosaic, has just been installed.

A centrepiece for the middle of the Roundhouse had always been planned, and only now, two and a half years after the rest of the building was completed, has this been achieved. The temporary planking that filled the circular space, (formed by the layout of the wooden floor) was removed and a stunning new mosaic was put in their place.

The mosaic was designed and constructed by myself (Dafydd), and with the generous help of Cardiff based mosaic artist, Caithlin Tracey ( The design of the mosaic is in the shape of a flower. Each of it's petals line up with one of the twelve planks that radiate from the middle towards the twelve posts. It is made from little glass tiles called from Venice, called 'smalti'. These have been used in mosaics for around two thousand years, and are famed for sparkling in sunlight.

Laying the mosaic was the last task on a long list of jobs to do, before we could claim that the Roundhouse was finally finished.

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