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The Roundhouse Project is a group of like-minded individuals based in the Vale of Glamorgan in South Wales, U.K. We have a seven acre patch of land, three of which is a young woodland which we planted ourselves. Our interests revolve around the great products that Mother Nature can supply us, if respected and properly looked after. These products can feed us, clothe us, entertain us (through decoration and art), and most importantly to us, put a roof over our head.

We built our first Roundhouse in 1997. It was only after we finished we found out that, legally, we were not allowed to live in it. Since then, it (and its successor), has become more of a 'show-home', demonstrating the values and aesthetics, of natural materials, such as timber, lime and straw.

Unfortunately the Roundhouse is not open to the general public. This is due to our location at the end of a narrow lane in a sleepy village. We used to be open to school groups, and this is something we aim to restart. Children love the Roundhouse. It's very easy to get them to appreciate the environmental angle, because the house is one big visual-aid. All leave wanting to build their own. Individuals with an interest should contact us through this website.

As well as showing off our Roundhouse, we build them to commission. In the past few years we have been working with St. Fagans National History Museum, renovating their Celtic village. We built and thatched a roof for their stone-walled Roundhouse a couple of years ago, and recently finished building a granary in the same Iron Age style.

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•Celtic Village House
Thatching the Conderton Roundhouse at St Fagans

•St Fagans Granary
Building the granary in the Celtic Village at St Fagans  

•Ty Unnos Challenge
Two teams building a 'one night' house in one day 

•Gallery Index
Pictures of building both houses, plus lots more

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Newspaper clippings and book features on the house

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