Roundhouse in new book

Cartrefi Cymreig / Welsh Homes

Following its appearance on television, the Roundhouse is featured in a new book entitled 'Cartrefi Cymreig / Welsh homes'.

'Cartrefi Cymreig / Welsh Homes' is a new, bi-lingual book , based on two Welsh language television programmes, '04 wal' and 'Y Ty Cymreig'. Written and compiled by Gwenda Griffiths and Greg Stephenson, it celebrates the wonderful diversity of taste and style, seen in Welsh homes. This includes the architecture of the buildings, as well as the way in which they are used and adorned. Our Roundhouse was featured on '04 wal' in the summer of 2003 just prior to the thatch being finished.

'Cartrefi Cymreig / Welsh Homes' is full of glorious pictures, and dedicates four pages to each home. The Roundhouse is the last home in the book for they are listed alphabetically, and the Welsh for 'The Roundhouse' 'is 'Y Ty Crwn'. Having seen so many angular, stone built buildings, it brings a welcome change. All the homes look warm, bright, and inviting.

'Cartrefi Cymreig / Welsh Homes' is available from for 24.00 ISBN 978-1-905960-00-2

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